Monday, 26 July 2010

Rhodesian Ridgeback painting

Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ch Nyuki Takamali Shujaa of Morlingcourt
(20" x 16" watercolour)

While I'm busy with current commissions, I thought you might like to see some more of my past paintings - I hope you enjoy them! 

A commissioned portrait

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Dean Grey said...



annezoutsos said...

Thanks so much Dean - :) :)

Angela said...

Just stumbled across this while surfing. It's amazing for me because he is the father of my dog Kobi and I'd never seen a picture of him before and he looks like his double. You are clearly very talented because this captures the look perfectly.

annezoutsos said...

Thanks Angela - I always think what a lovely head he has, so your Kobi must be a handsome boy too!