Friday, 29 July 2011

Thoughtful - Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Thoughtful - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite


Surely one of the hardest things about painting darker paintings in oils is getting an accurate photo of them! I have seen lots of different advice but I think that probably the only real answer is to have a proper lighting kit which is beyond those who aren't professional photographers. 

After about an hour I have managed to get a good representation of the original painting. It's been great fun to paint - I love the dog's thoughtful expression and of course one of my favourite pastimes - painting reflections!


With thanks to HeyRocker at Flickr for the reference photograph

Monday, 25 July 2011

Sitting Pretty - French Bulldog original oil

Sitting Pretty - French Bulldog 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite


I saw this photo and just fell in love with it; I adore the little dog's alert yet calm expression and very relaxed sitting position. 

It is strange with photographs - and paintings of course - how sometimes things which seem of little importance actually give the whole picture balance, harmony and interest. In this painting, whilst of course the French Bulldog is the main point of interest, the collar and lead add satisfying balance and a great deal of visual interest; who is on the other end of the lead? Or is the dog tied up? To me he is a dog tied up outside a shop while his owner pops in to buy a special little cake which he is going to share with his friend.

It is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped

By thanks to Wrote at Flickr for releasing the photo on which this painting is based

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dalmatian (Magic) - watercolour

Ch Dvojica Voodoo - Watercolour on Saunders Waterford NOT 
16" x 20" (external mount measurement)

Today's painting is a portrait of the top winning bitch, Magic. Here is a list of some of her wins: 
She is the biggest winning Dalmatian in UK history and was Top Dalmatian in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. She is also the holder for the most amount of Best of Breeds at Crufts, and has won the most amount of Groups and Best in Show at Breed Club shows. She has also won the coveted titles of Dalmatian of the Year, for 2005 and 2009. 


More importantly though she is a much loved and loving pet.You can tell so much about the character of a dog by looking at its face and it is obvious from looking at her that Magic is sweet natured girl. What a doll!

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