Monday, 31 May 2010

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

Another summery painting - inspired by the rotten weather in the UK! The weather forecast is for it to become much warmer towards the end of the week, so maybe my 'painting mood' will change then! I really like the feeling of warmth on this dog's face and the breeze blowing the hair on its ears. 

In fact I have some commissions which I will be working on for the next few weeks, but I will try to keep posting paintings as often as I can - I might even attempt a WIP (work in progress for the non-artists among you) if I can only remember to stop painting and take the necessary photographs!

Once sold I will make a donation of 10% from the profits to Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia in memory of Chelsea (RIP)


If you would like to ask any questions, please email me at

This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped

My thanks to Dan Bennett "Soggydan" at Flickr for the reference photo

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Here's Looking At You

 Here's Looking At You - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

I decided to paint this little dog as I was very taken with the lighting and I love it's little alert, sweet expression - I hope you do too!

The 10% donation to charity from the profits following the sale of this painting will be going to a new charity for me - it is Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia.  I decided on this charity having read of one of their rescues on their facebook page; a truly tragic story about a poor, abused Dalmatian named Chelsea (now RIP)

I hope you will all bid like mad on this painting to get a high price and so a high donation. If you don't want a painting though, it would be great if you'd consider visiting their site - just click on their name above - and make a donation direct. I simply don't know how they cope with the awful things they see and hope I can be instrumental in helping them financially, even if in only a small way.


If you wish to discuss anything, email me at

My thanks to Marlie Kanoi at Flickr for the reference photo

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Message to the purchaser of The Sound Of Music

If the purchaser of the wolf painting The Sound Of Music reads this, please contact me. I have emailed you several times to try and confirm the address the painting should be sent to but have had no reply.  My email address is


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Comment Moderation

Ah well, I thought you'd like to know that I have taken the advice of those who commented - I have changed my settings so that comments are no longer immediately published, but have to be checked by myself before appearing. I think it's such a shame that this is necessary but I have just become so thoroughly irritated by the Chinese comments advertising their porn and other sites, that I decided that on my blog free speech is going to be moderated. As I say, I am really sorry this has been necessary but that's life! 


Friday, 21 May 2010

Husky Baby Blue Eyes

Husky Baby Blue Eyes by Anne Zoutsos - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

I recently saw a photograph of a Siberian Husky with the most beautiful blue eyes. I didn't think the photo would make a good painting and so painted this husky instead and gave it gorgeous blue eyes like the other dog!

As usual, I will be donating 10% of the profits from the sale of this painting to charity and the one to benefit on this occasion will be Save The Dalmatians  (another breed sometimes born with blue eyes)


This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped

If you have any questions, please email me at

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Labrador In Black

Labrador In Black - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

I originally planned this painting to illustrate a dog portraiture point I wished to make. Quite often when painting dog portraits, an artist will be presented with photographs which are far from ideal. If possible the best course is to ask for further photographs to be taken but unfortunately sometimes this isn't possible - for instance when the dog is deceased or it is a surprise present for someone and more photographs are out of the question.

Very often the advice given to artists in this position is to find photographs of the same breed of dog to use as reference. Whilst it can be useful to look at several photographs of the same breed, and read the Kennel Club Breed Standard, I would never recommend copying features from a different dog as they vary such a lot. To illustrate this, I had hoped to feature three recent portraits of black labradors together with the one above, showing the differences between them. However, when I looked at the paintings I realised that two of them  did actually share the same features (just as well as they were the same dog!) so my little lesson wouldn't work. Oh dear, I obviously need to be more organised! 

So what do I recommend in these circumstances? Well as I said above, look at as many photographs of the breed you are painting to get you in the 'breed mood' and buy a good magnifying glass.  Also of course you can always ask for certain details, ie colours of nose and eyes. If the photograph really is so bad that a portrait cannot be painted from it, then don't. While some owners are really surprisingly unobservant and could probably be happy with any portrait produced, I consider it insulting to both the dog and owner to mainly paint a portrait from a different dog.


The donation (10% as usual) will be going to Old Dog Haven

This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped

My thanks to Cl@re Bear at Flickr for the reference photograph

Sunday, 16 May 2010

In Need

In Need - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

This blog post is somewhat different from usual - the painting is for sale as normal and has a donation to charity - also as normal but what is different is that this girl needs a home. She was rescued in the nick of time from being destroyed and is in safety being fostered. However, she needs a loving home of her own. It is because of this that the painting was created and although I am based in the UK, I will be listing it on ebay US in the hope of as much publicity as possible in the country where she lives. If anyone reading this can think of additional ways of publicising her status and need for a home, please do all you can. I think I can do no better than quote what the photographer of this reference photo has written about her.

"This girl was once loved and lived in a home with a couple, even sleeping with them in their bed at night. The woman discovered she was pregnant and they dumped the dog at the pound, stating they did not care what happened to her. This pup would have been put to sleep tomorrow morning had a man named Ryan from Denver not made the trip all the way to Burns Flat, Oklahoma to pick her up today. She is now safe in Colorado Springs, CO. where she will be fostered until a forever home can be found.

This beautiful girl's name is Bryndelyn. She is scared, timid, and shy, and likely really confused; first at an outdoor shelter - not understanding why, a long trip by car (fearfully ducking when passing bridges), and now a new home that's just temporary (note from me: she is now coming out of her shell). Add to this, she has recently had a litter of puppies. She didn't do anything wrong, except to have irresponsible selfish owners. She is about 41 pounds, still needing to gain some weight. 50 pounds should be ideal for her. She has been spayed, so there will be no more puppies for this beautiful girl. Can you find it in your heart to love her and give her the real love and security she deserves? Please share this with anyone who may need a best friend and all the loving they could ever ask for! "

The reference photo was provided by Beverly & Pack at Flickr and if you can help with offering a home to Bryndelyn you can contact her direct here: or you can email me at and I will contact her.

I will donate 10% of the profits from the sale of this painting to Bad Rap Pit Bull Rescue once sold


This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jack Russell Terrier And Sky

Jack Russell Terrier And Sky by Anne Zoutsos - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

So far the spring has been pretty poor here in the UK. I really long for hot summer days and so am tending to paint some lovely summery paintings! This painting is of a Jack Russell Terrier set against a hot, blue summer sky. I can almost hear the swifts, returned for the summer, screaming their cries as they perform their air acrobatics - lovely!
10% donation to Save The Dalmatians once sold


This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped

If you have any questions please email me at

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Papillon Fringes

Papillon Fringes - 6" x 6" oil on hardboard/masonite

This painting came about as the result of a challenge on Daily Painters International Art Gallery of which I am a member. The challenge was to create a painting connected with 'fringes' so I painted a dog with fringed ears!! The papillon is so named as it is the French word for butterfly which the head and ears of this breed are thought to resemble - and I rather think they do.

When you look at the little dog's face in my painting it is hard to believe that he is a rescue dog. He was rescued from a puppy mill after living his first six years in a cage. He never new kindness, cleanliness, walking or a soft bed. His world was very small and dark, but it has slowly got bigger and brighter. He is now a well loved and happy dog. The reference photo for this painting was taken by his owner RichMurphy at Flickr who has given him his new life.

I will be donating 10% of the profits from the sale of this painting to Noah's Bark pet rescue


This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days and as the auction is for 7 days, this should work out just fine

For more information email me at

Monday, 3 May 2010

A Kiss From A Rose

A Kiss From A Rose - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

I thought you might wish to see the latest painting I have listed on ebay - again with no reserve (which is just a bit nerve-wracking!!).  Once sold I will be donating 10% of the profits to Save the Dalmatians - do check out their website to see all the rescues they do.


Background based on a photograph by