Thursday, 1 July 2010


Pomeranian - 6" x 6" oil on hardboard/masonite

I'm still busy with commissions at the moment but just squeezed this little painting in - generally painted in the evenings while most people are relaxing or sleeping - well that's how it feels sometimes! Actually, if I am honest, I find it very difficult to just sit and watch tv and either like to have a crossword to puzzle over or a painting to work on. I love the pensive expression on this little dog and did toy with the idea of naming the painting 'Pensive Pomeranian' but thought better of it. 

The donation (10% once sold) from this painting is going to Save The Dalmatians. I have been following the progress of a dog named Fletcher, rescued from a shelter and suffering from pneumonia. A poor, painfully thin dog with no appetite and very ill indeed. However, the rescuer has taken him to the vet and Fletcher is on antibiotics and every sort of food which the rescuer can think of. The most recent update on him is that he is starting to eat on his own and gives his rescuer the most beautiful Dalmatian smiles. For those interested, I will let you know how he progresses. If you would like to help Save The Dalmatians direct, please visit their website where you can make a donation through paypal - it only takes a few minutes and every single dollar helps.

UPDATE: Fletcher is doing very well. He has now regained his appetite and is eating well and possibly just starting to put on a little weight. He is coughing much less and gives his rescuer the most wonderful smiles. He loves to lie on his back for tummy rubs and is a very affectionate boy. It is absolutely impossible to understand how he could have been abandoned. It looks as if he has a home waiting for him once he is fully recovered, although I think his rescuer is going to have a tough time letting him go!


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With thanks to RowdyKittens at Flickr for the reference photograph
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