Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hey!! by Anne Zoutsos

Hey!! by Anne Zoutsos - 7.25" x 7.25" (approx) oil on hardboard/masonite

I had decided not to paint any more Dalmatian pictures until my "Dalmatian week" which I am planning to hold shortly. This plan was changed when I read that Save The Dalmatians are in real need of donations as theirs have been considerably reduced lately. Hopefully this painting and the following one will help in a tiny way with their resources.

The Dalmatian in this painting is my Angel with her octopus toy; however, she has 'spotted' something!

A note - this toy was put away for some time as both Angel and her mother Hazel were very unhappy when it was first given to them. It is one of those toys which when pressed make a noise which continues for some time. Normally, both Angel and Hazel adore these toys, but this one had a human voice and this totally worried them! However, with much persuasion that it was okay to play and bite it, it has now been adopted with much enthusiasm - maybe too much..........

10% donation to Save The Dalmatians when sold - if you don't want to purchase a painting, please visit their website and if you can possibly spare it, make a donation to help them save members of this sweet breed of dog.



marianne said...

Amazing how productive you are!
A beauty again!

Anne Zoutsos said...

Thanks Marianne. I paint 7 days a week, day and evening! Good thing I enjoy it isn't it? I do take breaks but not many!!!