Thursday, 24 August 2017

Dalmatian watercolour - Chloe

16" x 20" watercolour on Saunders Waterford NOT paper

Today's painting is a watercolour on my favourite paper. It's what I would describe as a good tempered paper, allowing a fair amount of scrubbing before complaining! As I've described before, the surface is neither rough nor smooth but as Goldilocks would say 'just right' - for me that is. NOT stands for not hot pressed and hot pressed means smooth. I would suggest that if you're new to watercolours and want to have your paintings framed, you should avoid using the lightest weight of paper unless your paintings are very small. I've seen countless paintings starting to wrinkle when framed because the paper wasn't substantial enough. I've described sometime ago in this blog about stretching watercolour paper and in my opinion, it's a vital step and something I do even with heavyweight papers. In this way I never have to worry about the amount of watery paint I apply to the surface and always know the paper will remain nice and taut. 

On to the painting now. Well I think you'd have to look far and wide to try and find a prettier face than this little girl. I think she's absolutely lovely... and I hope you do too!


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