Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas Is Coming! - 7" x 5" oil on hardboard/masonite

If this painting seems rather familiar to some of you, it is because I only posted it on this blog fairly recently!

I am sure that the artists among you will understand how sometimes you complete a painting but it remains at the back of your mind as one you would like to make alterations to - well this was such a one. I felt that the face lacked a little definition before - not helped of course by the constant difficulty of getting a decent photograph.  In any event, I took the painting today and worked on the face quite a lot and then of course couldn't resist fiddling around with the background!

Anyway, here is the new version and I hope you like the alterations.

When this painting is sold, I will be making a 10% donation to Save the Dalmatians.
If you haven't visited their site yet, I would urge you to go along and have a look.


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