Monday, 13 July 2009

Parson Jack Russell Terrier by Anne Zoutsos

Parson Jack Russell Terrier by Anne Zoutsos - 5" x 7" (approx) oil on hardboard/masonite

This is my second painting featuring the little Parson Jack Russell, Ditto. This time I have altered the photographs kindly sent to me by Anne Stark of the Pipers Whippets and Dachshunds by changing the lighting and background - and adding a little bit of the terrier's head which had been cut off in the photo. I find it a very interesting exercise to change the lighting in a painting to see what differences it can make to the whole atmosphere of the finished work. I think this is something I shall explore in different ways in the future and in fact already have plans for a very unusually lit painting - watch this space!

I find the atmosphere in the painting reflects warmth and contented alertness.

A donation of 10% will be made to Old Dog Haven once this painting is sold - a charity giving comfort to homeless dogs in their senior years. Please consider giving this very worthwhile charity a donation direct to them at their website.


This painting is straight off the easel and will need to dry for several days before it can be shipped
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