Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lucky Girl by Anne Zoutsos

Lucky Girl by Anne Zoutsos - 6" x 7"oil on hardboard/masonite

The story of this dog, and thus the name of the painting, is as follows -

When this dog was a very tiny, young puppy (presumably an unwanted stray) she somehow became stuck in the wheel structure of a car and it was only by supreme luck that the driver heard her howl when she started the car. With assistance from her father, the driver managed to extricate the little puppy who was alive but whose leg was badly gashed. The pup was taken to a vet who stitched the leg but thought that it might need amputating.

Sadly the pup's rescuer was not able to keep a dog and so took her to kennels in the hope that someone would want her. However, she could not forget the look in the puppy's eyes and so rushed back to the kennels and took her home! The pup did need an operation on her leg but didn't lose it and it healed well.

And now..... the puppy has grown into an affectionate and happy dog, rewarding her rescuers with love and a joyous attitude to life which her owners find infectiously enriches their own lives.

Lucky family!

A donation of 10% from the profits of this painting will be made to TBAR - True Blue Animal Rescue - helping animals less fortunate than this one.


This painting is recently off the easel and will need a few days' drying time before it can be shipped

The inspiration for the composition of this painting came from the work of Ali Cavanaugh - an incredibly talented artist whose work can be viewed here (thank you Ali for your kind message)

My thanks to Kris de Curtis at Flikr for permission to use the photograph of his little Chicca
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