Monday, 1 December 2008

All The Snow Lay Round About

All The Snow Lay Round About
7" x 7 " Oil on hardboard/masonite.
This painting is a 'prequel' to my fox painting 'Walking In A Winter Wonderland' and depicts the fox as a very young cub. Once the quarry of huntsmen on horseback with their hounds, foxhunting is now outlawed in the UK. Drag hunting has generally replaced foxhunting and the hounds follow a human runner who lays the scent with a cloth dipped in a specially prepared chemical. No killing involved!!
This fox lives wild in a garden (backyard) in Sussex in the UK.
(with thanks to photographer, Adam Stafford)
10% from the profits of this painting to Malibu Pet Companions
If you don't wish to buy this painting, please consider making a donation direct to the charity. Thank you for helping animals who are unable to ask for help themselves.
This painting is straight off the easel and will need several days to dry before shipping

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