Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cocker Spaniel - wip#2

Watercolour Cocker Spaniel Commission - Work In Progress #2

Here is the painting quite a bit further on. You can see that a lot of detail has been added to the body and head of the dog although the legs still need a lot of work and of coure it does need more work all over. I'm not sure how easy you'll be able to see that the sky has already been painted, but it has - it was the very first thing painted in. The grass will be the last area painted.

While I'm mentioning the sky, I'd like to stress the importance of taking it right up to the edge of the drawing and even overlap a little as there is nothing worse (well there is of course!) than seeing a blank area of white against the outline of the dog. If you try and fill it in it will usually dry with hard edges and look glaringly obvious. With detailed watercolours, you do need to have to think ahead more than is necessary in oils.

I will post the finished painting soon, although I can't promise it will be tomorrow - time will tell!
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