Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunny Pug by Anne Zoutsos

Sunny Pug by Anne Zoutsos - 6" x 6" oil on hardboard/masonite

This is the companion painting to my 'Pretty Pug' - a well cared for dog, living a happy, sunny life. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for a disgracefully large number of dogs. The people at Old Dog Haven say in their website that 'We think dogs are elite at age eight (and above)' and I think they are probably right! Sadly it is these very dogs who often have such a hard time finding new homes and it is thanks to people like those at Old Dog Haven that they stand a much better chance of a good life for their remaining years. Please take time to visit their website and perhaps consider making a donation.

10% donation to Old Dog Haven once this painting is sold.


This painting is recently off the easel and will need a few days drying time before it can be shipped.

My thanks to Mary Vogt at Morguefile for the reference photograph
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