Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Perfect Peace

Perfect Peace

10" x 8" Oil on hardboard/masonite

This is my latest painting which was inspired by the topic of 'Nature' on an art blog. The expression that nature was "red in tooth and claw" came to mind although I wasn't sure where the saying originated. On investigation I discovered that it was penned by Alfred Lord Tennyson, a poet I had read as a child and whose poems I love.

However, I decided to portray nature as I would like to see it rather than as it is, this time inspired by a rather more famous book - although I've discovered that it is actually a misquote from the Bible but it suited my needs. In my painting the lamb is snuggled up against the protective lion whose magnificent mane tumbles over the lamb's little back. The lamb looks out fearlessly knowing he is perfectly safe.

The colours in the actual painting are somewhat richer than shown here (I have a day later changed the photo which shows the colour a little more accurately)

10% from the profits of the sale of this painting will go to

Tbar True Blue Animal Rescue who have been so involved in helping the animal victims of Hurricane Ike.


This painting is available direct from Anne at or visit

(please allow for drying time as it is shown direct from the easel)
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